Feeling Mushy and Holiday Home Sick

As a child I can remember Christmas Eve we would go and look at the Christmas Lights. There was this one house and the front and backyard ended on a cul-da-sack so both parts of the yard was visible from the street. They would decorate it all. Full of lights and it would make you feel all warm and fuzzy. We would also go to Downtown Denver and see the city and county building. It would never fail that everyone would be down there and it would be impossible to park anywhere so we would end up circling the build two or three times to see if the stolen baby Jesus had reappeared because inevitably every year someone found a way to steel it. After the light viewing session we would go home and get ready to go to the midnight candle light service at church. I miss going to the service and spending time with my family. Even though I feel odd around them in recent years I still miss those times. Wish I could be there for Christmas this year.


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