Water Rocket

Today I have joined my husband in his stupidity. Today I was helping my friends two daughters with a science project for a science day at sch00l tomorrow. They had a choice to build either a egg drop, a water rocket, a ping pong launcher or a hydrogen rocket. The girls chose to do the water rocket.

They were required to use a 20oz pop bottle, attach a noise cone and fins to the rocket. For weight purposes we decided to use pop cans as the fins. We spray painted them to make them look cool and started putting them together. After we had them finished we were tossing them into the air to see how well the flew. Well instead of letting it drop I tried to catch it. BAD idea!!!! It landed between my pinkie and ring finger and sliced it open. Looking at it I probably would have needed stitches if it weren’t for the location. So now the ring finger and pinkie are taped together to help it heal and to keep me from slitting it open.

Lesson I have learned:

  • Pop cans when cut are very sharp. Don’t let me around them because I do stupid stuff with them.
  • I am more like my husband everyday. I must me kept away from lawn mowers. Who knows what might happen.

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