Stupid People

Why is it that when people travel they loose all of there common sense? Is it that we are too excited about out vacation that we forget common courtesy. Do we forget to read and follow general directions? I don’t know what it is about travelers that annoy me the most but I think to night I might have figured it out. Why would you hang anything whether it be a hanger or something else on a fire sprinkler head in your hotel room?

Tonight I had a guest think that it would be a good idea to do just that. That he didn’t have enough room in the dresser or in the closet that he needed to hang something on the fire sprinkler. To make it even worse we post signs that state not to do this. That it will break the little piece of glass inside and flood the room. I guess he either didn’t believe the sign, didn’t read it or didn’t care until it happened. His wife also told some other guest that they have done it before and nothing has happened. I guess they like to tempt fate enough that it did happen. Also on ours you have to climb on the bed to hang anything on there. Which to me would be another reason not to do it.

He will have to pay for all of the damages. Out of a 149 room hotel so far we have 10 rooms that definitely have some sort of water damage. Not to mention the rooms that have limited damage that the guest decided to stay in the room for the night instead of moving. Also the room he was in is totaled. Everything in the room is ruined. The bed, the TV, the dresser,everything is damaged. Then to make it worse after we were able to get the fire alarm off he comes down and says that he is leaving. I’m thinking what the hell do you think you are doing leaving. You just caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to my hotel and then you want to leave. I did let him leave but made sure his information was correct before he was gone. Also we have his credit card. Woo Hoo for us. Lets see him dispute this one!!!

So everyone out there in blog land. When you stay at a hotel please remember to use common sense and if they tell you not to do something there is usually a good reason. Also in movies when those fire sprinklers go off it is nothing like the real thing. The real thing will drench your room in minutes. They pour water everywhere. I guess fire sprinkler is a bad name for it. The should call them fire pours not sprinklers.


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