It is now officially over. The Harry Potter series is now complete. All seven books and been published. Most of the fans have read the last book at least once. Ofcouse probably some of them have read it at least twice by now. I am in once category. I can say that the book itself in it entirety was AWESOME. Though it had it characteristic Harry Potter moments (I won’t say what I feel they are just in case you are still reading) it was still missing something. I’ve been finished with the book for almost 3 days now. Yet I still haven’t figured out what I didn’t like about the book. Maybe it is that J.K. didn’t fulfill all the promises she made her fans. Maybe it was the slow moving part followed buy so much action it took a lil to process what just happened. All in all I enjoyed the book. It was a great finish to the series. Left some room for Potterites out there to still have fun and wonder what happened to Harry after the battle. Also the information we gained on Dumbledore was amazing. This book tied up a lot of the questions and loose end. All in all Great read!!!!


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