The dryer vent thing still no resolution on it and I am about to blow a gasket on that topic. I think I finally convinced them that the vent just goes into the wall and doesn’t vent anywhere. They came over today to look at it and of course I wasn’t home. Darn apartment people. They knew I wasn’t there. The maintenance staff knows what I drive and I also have to drive by the apartment office to leave my apartment. Then there key magically disappears. I was in there last week and they had a key. Where did it go? That really makes me feel safe wondering where a key that they are supposed to have went. Also while I was in there last week the manager told me the only option may be to move if they can’t get it fixed. Okay move for a dryer vent. That should be easy enough to fix. I think I am dealing with some dee dee dee’s here. Some one please save me.


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