Fire Belly

Over the weekend we got John a little home for some frogs. As a surprise Jason brought home two Fire Belly Toads Monday night. John loved them. Thought they were the best surprise a boy could have. Well this morning Jason woke up to the cat playing with one of the toads and one missing. Well the search is now on for the toad. We cleaned everything out of John’s room except his bed and dresser and no toad. We put a lil’ thing of water down as toads can’t live without water hoping that is will come back to the water and stay there. To make things a little worse the toads secretes a toxin. It isn’t fatal to humans but to the cat we aren’t too sure. We are just hoping the cat didn’t eat the other missing toad.

Well we loaded most of the stuff back into the room with the exception of a few toys. So tonight I got off the couch, walked across the living room, started stepping over the toys and one moved. It wasn’t a toy. Thought it was one of John’s toy snakes. Nope it wasn’t. It scared the crap out of me. I’m not scared of snakes by any means. Yes I have a respect for them because some of them can kill you with one bite but not this lil’ thing. I made Jason pick it up and take care of it.

Found out later that is was just a little ring-necked snake. Interesting snake though. When disturbed, this snake will coil its tail tightly and flip it over to expose a bright red underside. It sometimes feigns death to deter would-be predators. That is exactly what it did. He is now back outside where he belongs and I am still missing a toad. Wish me luck on finding him. If not I’ve got to replace him.

One Response to “Fire Belly”

  1. WaAngel Says:

    Good luck with that….

    Miss you.

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