Almost three months ago we bought a new washer and dryer. Got it put into our apartment and discovered that the dryer vent was clogged. Since then I have been trying to get them to unclog it.

Yes we have been using the dryer but have been venting the hot air into the apartment. Not a big deal seems that it has been cold. We figure we are using the electicity to dry the clothes we might as well us is to heat the house. Well summer is here and it is gettin’ hot. Can’t be using the dryer to heat the house any longer. So once again I make my way over to the office to put in another work order.

This time I get someone to follow me back to my apartment to look at it. They snake it from inside the apartment and try to find where it vents to. Can’t find it. So they go back to the office to get a longer snake and get sent to another apartment that has a broken pipe flooding there apartment. Told the will be back later.

I leave for my pot luck at work and come back to find two guys cleaning out two dryer vents on the back of the apartments. I’m think about damn time. I go inside put my potluck goodies away and leave to go pick the kids up at the bus stop so we can run some errans. I notice that the vents they are cleaning can’t possibly be mine because they are on the other side of the fire wall that divides my apartment and the one next to me. Well trying to save them some time I try to tell them this. They just don’t get it so I leave and get the kids.

I come home to them putting the drying back and telling me that it is fixed. Well it isn’t. So today I get to try to stay up till 9:00 to go over to the office to tell them is isn’t fixed at all and that they need to figure it out.

This is going to be fun. I hope I get some kind of sleep today. I may end up come back to work to sleep today. UHG!!!!


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