The procrastinator that I am has paid of for me today. I had a pot luck contest at work today, which I won for best side dish, thank you very much. Had left and was running on fumes and had to stop for gas. I normally don’t get gas by work because it is hotel ally and the prices are about 15 cent higher than everywhere else. With the prices the the way the are that is really bad. Well I pull into the gas station cursing myself for not getting gas before I left the house. Then I notice my god send. The mid grade gas is showing $2.22 a gallon. Yes you read that right $2.22 a gallon. I’m thinking yeah right I get that and it is going to be $3.22. Well knowing I get the mid grade anyway I think what the hell. Start filling up and low and behold it is my lucky day. Only cost me $34.00 to fill my 15 gallon tank. WOOO HOOo for me!!!!!!

I felt so unraped. Though the gas station I can gaurantee was going to feel raped shortly after I left because there was a yellow cab driver getting gas and noticed the great deal. Then broadcast it out to all of her cab buddie.

Wonder how long that mistake in price lasted?


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