SD Obsession

Okay I now feel I have an obsession with SD cards but I couldn’t help but share this with everyone. Most of you know that I work at a hotel at the front desk. Most of you also know that I work at night and get bored and entertain easily. So tonight I had a guest come down needing to print a document so I sent him to our “business library” or more commonly called the “business center.” I have no clue why they called it the business library there are no books in there. Okay but on with the story. The document he needed printed was an Adobe file (pdf) and for whatever reason the computer wouldn’t print it. So I volunteered to print it. Well he handed me this SD Card. I’m thinking well there goes that idea I can’t print this I don’t have a card reader. I tell the guest this and he then snaps the card in half and tells me it will work in a USB drive. Let me tell you that was rockin’ cool in my book. I want one if anybody needs gifty ideas for me.


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