I had my appointment with my doctor last Thursday. Well in normal Audi fashion I got sick the night before. Woke up the next morning, dragged myself to see the doctor. I figured while I was there paying my co-pay to see him for my migraines I would get this damn cold I’ve been fighting under control. Well I guess it wasn’t just any cold. I had a sinus infection. I don’t ever remember having a sinus infection before, well a diagnosed one at least. I’ve had these symptoms before but never went to the doctor thinking it was just allergies. Though this time I had a fever to go with it. I never get fevers so I felt like I was about to die. So got my drugs for my migraines, got the antibiotics for the sinus infection and headed home with my fever to my family that I had in town from Colorado. Yup I still had to be the hostess, go to my sons party and to the circus all while feeling totally horrible. (Pictures of the circus and other things to come)


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