The body has always responded to stress in strange, unusual, or even painful ways. I think I could handle the strange and unusual but for me I get to be graced with the painful side of stress. I have suffered from migraines since I was about 11 and sadly became accustomed to them. Though when I moved to Oklahoma, to my relief, they all but went away. Until recently. They have come back with vengeance. For some reason I can’t remember them being like this. Maybe it is because I have kids of my own to help the migraine to new reaches of pain. Maybe I have gotten used to almost 6 years without them that I have gone soft. Whatever the reason they must be stopped. Three of them in less that two weeks was even much for me in hay day. So wish me luck at the Docs on Thursday. Also wish for some damn good drugs cuz I need those more than anything right now.


One Response to “Stress”

  1. Douglas Cootey Says:

    One of my daughters suffers from migraines. I hope that the doctor can help you find relief. I’m suffering from allergies at the moment (Cottonwood trees are trying to kill me, I swear) and my sinuses are non-stop aching and throbbing. I can’t focus or get any work done. The weatherman is predicting lots of snow this week (whatever will the news reporters do now that they’ve been pushing how badly global warming has been hurting Utah’s snows?) so I look forward to the allergen index going down. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live with this constant pain like migraines.

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