SD Card

For my birthday I entered into the world of having an MP3 player. I spent only $35 for it with 256 MB Flash Memory already on it. I figured for that price it was a steal knowing that I could add an SD card later to expand the memory. I was happy with it till a few days later my loving hubby bought me a 1GB memory card to expand the memory because frankly 256 just didn’t go as far as I wanted it to. Well the music I had fit just perfectly on it after I added the card.

In my happiness that I could now carry with me every song I have ever said “That song rocks” I proceeded to find more of the songs I think rock. While loading them onto the SD Card I got the sad “bing” from my computer stating that it could no longer copy files to the removable drive. Thinking it is full I right click and go to properties just to to check. To my dismay it was only half full. Frustration sets in as I try to figure this out. I couldn’t figure it out so I get my techie hubby to look at it and he believed that the card was bad. Agreeing it was probably bad I go to Wally World today and exchange it. Come home and hook up the new card just to find out it is doing the same thing. I’m thinking this really sucks.

Again I head back to Wal*Mart and exchange it for a different brand of memory card. Bring it home dreading what might happen when I hook it up. Same thing, it only fills half way. Only 113 songs for a 1 gig card. This bites!!!!!!! I can get almost all of my music on but not quite. Not enough to make me say this was worth the extra $35. I now have spent $70 on something I believe isn’t working the way it should. So if there is anyone out there who has a suggestion for me please I would love to have it. I’m pretty tech savvy and Mr. Audi does this stuff for a living and is stumped. I am about to say bub bye snazzy SD Card you are out of here but I’d hate to do that because then I would have to choose which snazzy songs I have would be go with me anywhere worthy.


One Response to “SD Card”

  1. you know, i check your blog every single day… and you haven’t updated in FOREVER!!!! fix that would ya? 🙂

    miss you!

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