I have learned of a new outdoor activity that sounds interesting. Letterboxing is when you look for a box by directions given by the owner. Inside you find a stamp that was either purchase or hand made, a stamp pad, a notebook and possibly some other items. When you go on your treasure hunt you also take those same items with you. Once you find the box you take your stamp and stamp the owners book and you stamp yours with the other stamp. In the end you get a bunch of cools stamp (most of the stamp are usually hand made) and some fun memories of finding the letterbox.

If you are interested there is a web page

you can go to. Here you can learn more about letterboxing and get directions for boxes in your area. Also there is another hobby that you can do if you have a GPS. Geocaching

is the same idea but a little more complicated because you have to have a portable GPS. Though with this version you will get to take what was left by the last person to find the stash. I think the kids and I are going to go letterboxing today if it isn’t to cold.


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