I went to Wal*Mart tonight. My watch had shucked its cookies and I had to replace it along with a few other odds and ends. I get there and its a mad house. Yes, yes, yes I can hear you all say that it is always a mad house in Wal*Mart. Tonight is was soooo much more than normal.

Everyone that does there shopping on the weekends was there tonight getting there shopping done before the “BIG” ice storm his us. The news stations have been telling us since Sunday or Monday that this storm was coming and they wait till the day before to make sure they have food and what not to make it through this storm. Yes I know I was there tonight but not to save myself from having to go out in an ice storm.

Honestly I’m looking forward to going out in it. Gotta get some rockin pictures to share with everyone. I also want to test my photography skills to see how well I am at taking pictures. Though my poor children may not want to I am taking them with me, at least for a little bit. I can’t wait to get my share of the ice and snow everyone else has been getting. Granted it is two weeks late. There was no ice or snow for Christmas. That totally bummed me out.


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