As a mother of two young children I’ve cleaned my share of ears. I try my best to clean my kids ears out atleast once a week to get the dirt and other things out that are not supposed to be in there out. For the last month my son has had something orange in his ear that looked like a lil pez candy but smaller. After asking him if he had put anything in his ear he answered no. Trying to believe my son I wondered what would cause his ear to look like that. My only conclusion was he had and ear infection but his ear didn’t hurt at all. After checking his ears once a week and asking the question “Did you put anything in your ear?” we finally got the truth out of our eight year old. He said he didn’t put it there it fell in when he was playing with it but putting it in his ear and tilting his head and then tilting it the other was to let it fallout. Well you can guess that it didn’t fall out the last time and got stuck. Instead of telling us when he did it or when we asked him if he put anything in his ear he thought he we lie to us for a month. So today we fished it out of his ear to find that it was a peice of orange eraser. Goodness kids can be strange at times.

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