I’m starting to fly!

Have you ever been so sick of the clutter and the mess around your house. I know I have been. I found a web site that walks you through a 28 day routine setting “program.” Fly Lady I’m hoping will help me get controls of my house. I’ve have been doing better. I no longer have dirty dishes around my house from three weeks ago. You think I’m joking don’t you? I’m not. I used to be horrible at keeping my house clean. I used to be one of those people that you would walk into there house and the only way to the couch was through a carefully crafted path. The dishes would be piled onto any surface I could find. Sometimes they would even end up in rubbermaid tubs to hide them from company or from myself.

Though gone are the days where you have to walk through the path to the couch. The rubbermaid tubs are now used for Christmas decorations and actually storing things. I’m hoping with doing this I can get the areas that I haven’t been able to control under control. They call these the hot spots. The areas that collect the clutter and if left unattended with turn into a “wildfire” of clutter. If anyone has some suggestions on how to organize computer stuff let me know because I have enough of it to fill a dump truck.


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