I am officially a REALLY proud parent today!!! My daughter Cera was accepted into the gifted program at school. She is in second grade and has recently started telling me that school is boring. When asked why she tells me that she gets her work done faster than the other kids in her class and she still gets an “S” on her worksheets. As a parent hearing that from a seven year old is a little frightening. I know at her age school shouldn’t be overly difficult but it shouldn’t be easy either.

Cera has alway read above her grade level. Every year they test the students to find out where they are so they can start at the right spot. Not to easy not to hard. This year Cera was tested to be at a 2.7 reading level, which is second grade seventh month. If you think about it she was almost reading at a third grade level. She reads chapter books. Some words are difficult for her but when asked to sound it out she gets it and remembers the word later.

In short she wasn’t getting challenged in some areas in school. I was getting worried because she was getting bored with school. I knew that I was going to have to do something. Instead the something came to me. Jason and I haven’t decided if we are going to allow her into the program. We need to read over the booklet they mailed to us and talk to Cera about what she wants to do. My guess is she wants to try this to see if it works for her.

I’m so proud!!!!!


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