Elephant in the Room

I’ve recently found a new blog that I am enjoying called Frog My Blog. The author of the blog reviews other blogs on the net and rates them on a scale of 1 to 5 “bugs.” She recently reviewed a blog ( The Things We Said) and commented on a post in the blog Elephant in the Room. It talked about food banks. The author commented how it seems that when the holiday season rolls around every year the news stations seem to do atleast one segment on the food banks. In this particular post she talked about an interview with a mother with two children. What go me the most about this post was that she assumed that the father wasn’t present in there lives. Granted I didn’t see the interview and probably never will. They may have said that the father wasn’t in there lives but she seemed to assume that the father wasn’t present.

I’ve been there done that. I grew up in the system. My parents are divorced and my father was in my life and my mother still needed help to feed and clothe us. Then when I was young I found myself with two kids, that I love deeply. There father was and is present in there lives. He was and still is a trooper. He was working a fulltime job and going to school full time. I was working full time and we still weren’t making it. We wouldn’t have made it without the help of food stamps, medicaid and food banks.

I read more of her posts and she seems to be a very christian person. If she is the way she presents herself does it matter if the father is there. She is doing her job as a mother and providing for her children the best she knows how. Where does she get off being the judge and jury?


One Response to “Elephant in the Room”

  1. Hello my friend,

    Just to note I have no objection to food banks – you may have missed that my sons and I were participating in the Scouting For Food which we do each year (got about 40 bags this year just with our family).

    My objection is to men who run about deliberately making children they have no interest in providing for. I see that as a serious problem and it never seems to be brought up when people discuss solutions for poverty.

    I would never judge against the children themselves nor for the moms (why is it always the moms?) who are struggling to take care of business and who utilize the food banks etc.

    I thought my post made that clear. I see a major solution to poverty in holding men accountable for the kids they father. Obviously your dad did not refuse to help provide for you, and I meant no disrespect on that count.

    As for who am I to judge, I’m nobody, of course. I’m just blogging, which means I’m giving my opinion. That’s all it is, for what it’s worth.

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