Trip Run

One of my best friends parents came to town yesterday. We have know she was coming for a lil over two weeks. So being the friend that I am I took her four kids to the park and took some new pictures of the kids to send back home with her. Today I went to Target to get some frames and to print out some of the pictures I took. While walking into the store I some how managed to trip over the curb. Proceeded to almost fall into the first sliding door. Lucky for me it opened. Still doing the trip run I entered the entry way and almost ran into the second door. Thank goodness for me that the second one opened. Shortly after getting through the second door I recovered without falling but my pride was a lil bruised. I don’t think anyone saw what happened but I felt like the biggest idiot on the planet at that moment. Chalk up another point for Audi and her gracefulness.


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