I hate being distracted though lately I find that is all I am, completely and underly distracted. I don’t often talk about how I have ADD, was diagnoised when I was about six. Most people wouldn’t see it in my unless they were looking, or maybe I’m just fooling myself into thinking that. Maybe they just think it is part of my quirkieness.
I very rarely talk about it because I don’t want to use it as a crutch or have people look at me like….. Oh she has ADD so we need to understand why she is supposed to be doing one thing but is doing something totally different. Though lately I find that I can’t stop myself from being offtrack. I can be cleaning the house and the next thing I know I’m sitting and reading a book that I was supposed to put back in the bookshelf.
I see the same thing in my son. It drives me bananas. I ask him to pick up his clothes that are on the floor, walk away and come back 5 minutes later and he still hasn’t done what I asked. I have to remember to make him look at me when I tell him things. I am the same way. If I’m not looking at you I probably didn’t hear a word you said. This is one of the traits that drives my husband nuts.


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