Human Tails and Myspace

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting“Human Tails, Humans don’t have tails. They have Big, BIG bottoms that they wear with bad pant and walk around going HI HELLEN.

In the last month or so I became one of the millions that use Myspace. I really try to keep up with the “rules”. I try not to stand people up by not answering your comments or the bullitons. I really have no excuse except what is the point. I understand the whole idea of keeping in touch with old friends that you’ve lost touch with. I get the idea of finding new friends on myspace. What I don’t get is why when someone posts a comment you have to reply back which means that they have to reply back to you and so on. It becomes a big game of cat and mouse or tag if you will. The longer I use myspace the more I become more confused with its purpose. So I’ve started going through my personal memory banks to try to find ideas for some cute comments. So far I’ve come up with two. Which as of yesterday I’ve used. As my bestfriend calls it, it is my own sence of what is funny. I guess you could call them Audiisms. Okay that looks kind of funny. I guess it could be Oddieisms but that looks funny aswell. So here is to you myspace. I can’t make any commitments to you but I will do my best, which lately isn’t much, to keep up with the bulletins and the comments.


One Response to “Human Tails and Myspace”

  1. Heh, human tails. I love that movie. We bought it recently, and every time I watch it, I think of you. I love you and miss you soooo much.

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