Damn now I smell like beer

Have you ever had that little voice in you head say don’t do that or put that there it might fall and break. Yes so have I and I generally don’t listen to it. Tonight I so should have. I’m at work right, well still am at work, and I am stocking this market thingy we have. We sell candy, soda, beer, and misc toiletries most travelers tend to leave behind, could run out of or have confiscated at the airport. Nail clippers, Ghaw, what were you thinking? Anyways I was moving the beer from the storage area on a cart to The Market. When I put the beer on the cart my lil voice chims in and says you really shouldn’t put that there it could fall and break. Well in the past I have moved the beer on this little cart and heard this same voice and never had a problem. I get to my destination without any mishaps. I start moving from the top on the fridge down to put everything away. Well the beer is on the bottom and is always the last thing I put in. Well tonight I finally did it and knocked one off of the cart onto a hard black granite floor. Lucky for me the bottle didn’t break. It wasn’t my luck that it was a twist on lid and the lid popped of the said beer and sprayed me, the floor, the walls, the fridge, the freezer and some other things I can only imagine cuz I can’t find it. So now I, the one who can’t even stand the smell of beer gets to smell like it for at least another 5 to 6 hours. Yummy!!! Oh and I haven’t even mentioned the bestest part. There is a lady from Marriott’s corporate headquarters here to talk to every person on the staff and today is the day she is talking to me. Remember I smell like beer. This should be fun!!!


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