New Layout cont……….

Okay I got my links and stuff moved where they need to be now my only complaint is that the pics at the top aren’t me kiddos. I just wish I could figure it out. I love the template but in order to change the pics at the top you have to contact the template creator and have him change the pics. I have no problem with this if he would ever answer the e-mails I send him. Well seems that he isn’t answering I go ask my all knowing computer genious hubby and show him what I want to do and ask how I can do it. He says just change the picture file name here and points to a line of code. Well I tried it and it didn’t work it just put the picture at the top and deleted all the cool looking picture ovals and the tan background. So I guess he wasn’t all knowing after all. Guess I’m back to e-mailing the creator till he answers me or changes the pics and sends me the new format. GRRRR if I didn’t like the layout so much or could write my own I would.


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