Orange Moon

I saw an orange moon this evening on the way to work. Seeing this brings me back to my younger years. It reminds me of some really strange things that have happened. Like being followed by a black figure that magically disappears. Burying a necklace to have it reappear a week later. I can say I’ve seen some weird things in my life and all of them seen to revolve around the orange moon.

It also reminds me of a really great friend that I miss a lot. We spent so much time together during our younger teenage years that I consider her my sister. I was one of the few people that knew who she was and she knew everything about me, yes even the bad stuff, the things that I hid from my other friends or if they did know it became a “joke” to talk about. Yes as all friends do we had a BIG fight and didn’t talk for years. I would look back on those days with her and wish thing would have been different. Then one day, as fate would have it, I got my bestest friend back. We could still finish each others sentences and all of the stuff bestfriends do. I haven’t seen her for 6 years but we are still close. Even though I couldn’t go to her wedding, which totally sucked, I was there in thought. I bet when she reads this she will know exactly who she is but if she doesn’t, Megahnn you ROCK and I misses you lots!!!!! Just wanted to you the orange moon mad me think of you. Okay that was a lot of cheese but so couldn’t help it.

PS what did we end up doing with that damn freeky necklace?


One Response to “Orange Moon”

  1. WaAngel Says:

    Uh, I left it at Grandma Iva’s house… I don’t know what she did with it, but I never saw it after that second day.

    I love you too. Miss you more, and someday we will get to see each other again.

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