Duck Umbrella

Both of my kids today decided that it would be a good idea to write there names on there duck umbrellas. I can tottally understand their need to put there name on it. The one thing that growing up in my generation taught me is that you don’t put your name where ANY stanger can see it and read it. So guess what my children did? They took permanent black marker and wrote there names on the top in BIG black letters. Of course they did this while I was taking a nap and they should have been doing also. When my son came in and told me what he had done in my sleepy stooper I got angry and yelled at both of them for writing on there things in permanent black marker. Of course later when I had calmed down I explained to them the reason it is a bad idea to right your name on anything a “stranger” can read. That they could read your name off of your clothes or in this case there umbrellas, they would stop to see what they wanted and that person could steal them away from me forever and that would make me very sad. Then that evening I told my hubby what they had done and he didn’t seem to care one way or the other. Am I nuts for thinking this could happen or was it something that our parents told us to get us not to have out names on things?


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