I’m addicted

Okay up until now I had no clue what Sudoku was. I was completely in the dark. Also I’ve never been very good at those math solving problems. Games like this remind me way to much of that dreaded math question…… If train “A” is leaves phoenix at 7:30 and is traveling at 67 miles an hour and train “B” leaves from New York at 10:30 and is traveling at……. Okay I bet you get the picture. I was always one of the last ones to get the answer if and when I did get the answer correct. You can ask my bestest friend Meghann. I used to drive her crazy in fifth grade with math problems cuz I so sucked at it. I still suck at it that is why I don’t do our budget!!!! So when I got really bored tonight at work I found this lil hand held Sudoku game. Of course the batteries were totally dead. Though thanks to the internet and all of its glory I was able to find an online version. Now I’m addicted to this game. I’m pretty good at it so far and I’m able to solve them with little thinking. Goodness does this mean I’m good at math or just really lucky. Must be lucky because I still suck at math.


One Response to “I’m addicted”

  1. Those puzzles really are addictive. My husband was doing those every morning on our honeymoon in Maui. We would wake up and lounge around the condo for a few hours and he would do them every single day.

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