Have You Ever……..?

I know we have all at one time or another had this one person at work you just can’t stand. It could be just a personality thing. That for whatever reason your personalities just don’t click. It could be that they never do there work, leave there radio laying around in the break room so if you need something you can’t find them forever, don’t take there assigned keys with them when they are suppose to, they pick fights infront of customers, talk on the phone all the time instead of doing there work and reporting there manager to the corporate office for not giving them a requested day off. Does anyone have one of the kinds of people where you work because if you do and you have some dumb ass repellent I would gladly take it off of your hands.

Okay I can not say that I haven’t done some of those things. I was young once and new to the industry (work in a hotel for those that don’t know.) I have left my keys in places that they shouldn’t have been left. Lucky for me I learned the easy way by having my maintenance man take them for and hour or two. That was one of the longest afternoons I have ever had but I learn not to leave them anywhere but on my person.

As I mentioned just a second ago I work in a hotel. There is never a dull moment in this business. There is always someone needing something, towels, a ride to or from the Airport ect. if I can’t get ahold of the person in the housekeeping department that isn’t a good thing. They are the ones who pickup and take people to the airport at the most god awful times at night. They take the towels, the fridges and who knows what else that the guest would need. Oh did I mention that I work at night also. By not being able to reach the other person I work with I could get robbed, shot and left for dead with out a means off communication they would never know. I have never had a problem with not being able to reach the person I work with. EVER!!! The thing that makes it even worse is that I have expressed to her supervisor that she does this quite frequently and doesn’t do a thing about it. I just don’t know how much more of this I can take. It is only on Thursday nights but here it is Sunday and I am still mad about last Thursday and now dreading the next day I have to work with this incompetent oaf.


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