Stability Ball

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Recently I have decided to change myself and help my self esteem and start to work out again. Okay I guess you can’t really put doing Color Guard in High School and going to the gym in the same category. The idea is the same though. To get healthy. I find that I get winded just walking up a set of stairs. I am extremely over weight and I’m not liking it. I don’t like what I look like in the mirror. I don’t like having sex with my husband and feeling parts of my body jiggle that shouldn’t be jiggling (yes I know TMI.) So I now have set a goal of loosing over 75 pounds to get down to 135 lbs. Yes that means I weigh a whopping 210. Its the heaviest I have ever been and I’m feeling it.

So today I went to my second stability ball class and now my abs, thighs, and back are all screaming at me. I sure hope I start seeing some fruits of my labor soon or I don’t know what I’ll do.
Image hosting by Photobucket


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