Jen Fe Power Patch

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Has anyone ever hear of these. A friend is using them and wants me to use them. I want to loose some weight but I really don’t feel that this is really necessary for me to acomplish my goal of getting down to a pre-pregnancy weight. Someone with greater knowledge than mine. HELP ME!!!!


2 Responses to “Jen Fe Power Patch”

  1. According to the limited information available from the company’s website, this product contains an herbal extract that stimulates the thyroid gland, placing you into a hyperthyroid state. Although this will increase your metabolism, it will also produce other side effects. Given that this product probably doesn’t have any regulated amounts of the drug, and with the further uncertainty of just how much the drug will be absorbed through the skin, there’s no telling how much of the herbal extract you will introduce into your body, which could have disasterour side effects: high blood pressure, irregular and/or fast heart rate, flushing, sweating, heart attack, etc.

    In addition, 5-HTP, or serotonin, which gives an overall sense of well-being, but also induces flushing and drowsiness, may also give you a sense of satiety, and thus help hunger cravings.

    The best, safest way to increase your metabolism is to gradually introduce exercise into your daily/semi-weekly routine. That would be my recommendation.

  2. Mohave Publishing Says:

    I have several friends who are using the Jen Fe Next diet patch successfully. I have just started. They are losing weight at about 2-3 lbs a week, without changing anything else. They say that they have noticed an increase in energy (without being jittery or hyper) and a decrease in appetite. I know most of the ingredients, and they are pretty standard and well proven in the herbal supplement industry.

    If you have a healthy diet and regular exercise program, and are still not losing weight, these patches may be just what you need to get your metabolism and thyroid working.

    I’ll let you know how it is going with me. I am doing a blog on it at

    Dianne Ronnow

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