Why me?

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Okay I just don’t get it. I though that I had a decent abliity to judge character or things along that line. Well I guess I was wrong. Most of you are aware of the problems we had with our previous landlord. Well for some reason it it happening again. Yes I said again. We have a closet that sits of the living room area that has had wet carpet for almost two months. For whatever reason they can not figure out for the life of themselves where the water is coming from. So needless to say the carpet is NASTY and starting to mold. We also have other maintenence issues as our fridge collects water in the vegetable drawer and the shelf above it, our heater is taking a dive and quite a lot of the hardware for the cabnets are missing. That is just the short list that I’ve been trying to get them to work on. Good greif what do I need to do to get things fixed around there. I am half tempted to call the Health Department for the mold that is starting to grow under the carpet. GRRRRRRRRRR I am so frustraited with stupid people!!!!!!!


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