Help Me!!!!!

Okay I have been blogging for 6 months now. Used almost every template that blogger offers and I am not impressed with their selection. It is now time for me to change the template, background and maybe even the font. I have one problem with this. I have no clue how. I have in the last several days tried to change it but with the fear of changing it and ruining my blog and not know how to fix it I have given up. So for all of you out there in the blogosphere that are computer savvy and know how to do this I would greatly appreciate some help. Okay yes I do know of one person that could help me, my loving husband. I just have this fear that doing something like that with him would cause a really big fight between us. Yeah I could see it now him trying to teach me how to type this mumbo jumbo code that I don’t understand. Not a good combo for us.


2 Responses to “Help Me!!!!!”

  1. Mandy J Watson Says:

    Two suggestions:
    Copy all the text in the “template” section in a text document and save it on your computer as a backup (it’s also useful as a reference to see how/where certain code is implemented). You can then mess around with the template in Blogger, save your changes, and run tests to see what works and what breaks. If anything goes hectically wrong you can just copy the original backed up template code back into your Blogger template.

    Otherwise, if you don’t want to run tests on a live blog, sign up for a new “test” Blogger account and use it to try out stuff and slowly learn all the code before you put what you have learnt into practice on your live blog.

    I’m in the same predicament as you, actually, because I want to use an original HTML design I have in Blogger (for a site that’s not yet live (not my current blog)), but the thought of having to learn how to use all the Blogger code and troll through the online help files is putting me off for the moment (I don’t currently have enough time to give it my full attention).

  2. Yeah, no Jason helping. That’s not allowed…. at all. Bad idea.

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