New Pics of John and Cera

The kids and I went to the park today. I brought along our new toy, a digital camera. I took a lot of pics of the kids. Here are just a few. If anyone would like a 4×6 copy let me know and I will have them printed and wil mail them to you. Hope you enjoy these.
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Image hosted by

John and his huge acorn. He just loves picking them up off the ground
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It is just my luck that my daughter is a screamer. She screams when you tickle her, or when you scare her or in the case of this one when you take her picture. I think it is my punishment for being the same way as a child.
Image hosted by

This is her not screaming. Taken just minutes before the screaming Cera picture.
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Again let me tell you she likes to scream at anything. She is going down the slide screaming
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3 Responses to “New Pics of John and Cera”

  1. You know what scares me?!?! The fact that Jon looks so much like Jason and Cera looks so much like you. That scares me! 🙂

  2. well the honestly look a lot like Jason and his side of the family. But yes Cera does look a lot like me also. HMMM wonder why?

  3. Kids are very cute

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