Wow What a Week

Okay I took some time off last week because my sister-in-law came to town. We went and did some stuff and got to play tourist in my own town. We went to the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. We also made it to the National Memorial, for those you who don’t know that is the memorial for the bombing of the federal builing in 1995. We also went to Incredible Pizza, it is a LARGER scale of Chuck E Cheeses. Jason’s sister left on Friday. That afternoon we went to Wal-Mart for about an hour and came home to find our apartment was broken into. The kids new PS2 that they got for x-mas was taken along with the games to go with it, our DVD player, and our collection of about 30-40 DVD’s. There were some other things that were taken also but HA HA on them because what they thought was a real .45 gun wasn’t HA HA HA it just shoots bebe’s you dumb ass’. I hope this year goes better than last year. If it doesn’t I may have to scream.

The Oklahoma City National Memorial:
9:01 represents the minute before the bomb went off
Image hosted by

The field of chairs: one chair for every person killed in the Murah Bombing
Image hosted by

This is our living room after the break in.
Image hosted by


One Response to “Wow What a Week”

  1. Douglas Cootey Says:

    Way to find a silver lining…. If my pad had been broken into in broad daylight and somebody kifed my DVD collection I wouldn’t be nearly as cheerful as you. I hope your new year goes better for you as well… Check the local pawn shops. You might get lucky then you can get the cops to do something for you for a change…

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