Anyone Want to Help Unpack?

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Well I have officially gotten everything moved. There is a bad side to this though. I now have until Tuesday to unpack it all and find a new “home” for it in our new apartment before my hubbies sister arrives. You may think okay she has over 5 days in which to do this. Well while you are correct I don’t see it happening. I can tell you most of the things that need to be unpacked is stuff that either needs to be washed (anyone want to help with that also?) or I have no freaken clue what to do with it. I have been staring at the pile in what is supposed to be my living room since Sunday. I have all the heavy stuff put in the appropriate places, dressers in the bedrooms, computer desk in the living room corner, couch in a nice place to divide the walk way yet still being able to sit on it to watch the TV, recliner in save position as the couch except dividing the living room from the dining room and best of all the beds in the rooms so we can sleep.

I did at one point in this round of moving experience a moment that everything was in the appropriate spot. Then came the second round of moving. The one that was suppose to happen over a week ago. Except dumb a** landlord locked us out early because the pipes in the house had frozen and he felt it was our fault. Well when he did that we still had quite a lot of our stuff in the house that we still wanted. Can I just throw it all out now that we got it out. I don’t want to unpack just staring at it is making me depressed. UGH!!!!!!


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