Lazy Bloggers

Wow I am at work trying to not fall a sleep so I decided to go blog surfing. I was trying to find some interesting blogs that I could read in my boredom or as is the case to night in my state of zombie-dome. Well in blog surfing I have found that many a people have had the intention of creating a blog and doing the upkeep it takes but not having any follow through on it. Some that I found haven’t posted for over a year or they only have there initial post with nothing else to follow said post. Then there are also the ones that fit into both of those categories. It has been forever since they have posted along with only one post on there blog. Okay what was the point in wasting the time to setup a profile then not even come back more than once. Ah hello can we say waist of time!!!! Well needless to say I had to “save as draft” on this post to go take a nap. I feel much better now. Though if anyone wants to give me some suggestions on some blogs that I could read I would greatly appreciate it.


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