E-mail Etiquette

Okay I have a question for everyone out there in the blog-o-sphere. Tonight I sent an e-mail to my friends and family telling them about a virus that I thought was dangerous. Well come to find out that is wasn’t a true virus and that the e-mail was sent out to scare people. Obviously my intent was to not scare people when I got the e-mail from a family member and forwarded it to the people that I know and care about. Well one of the friends that I e-mailed it to looked up the virus name and found it to be a hoax and proceeded to “reply to all” on his e-mail and send this information to all of the people that I had originally sent it to with one exception he added this:

Okay I can see where he was trying to be helpful and send it to the people that I sent it to so they didn’t get all scared. But should I have been given the chance to do that? Let alone not be called names and not have him lead them to believe that I would try to intentionally scare them?

Am I over reacting and getting mad at him for no reason or should he have sent and e-mail to people he didn’t even know?

I don’t know. The only thing I do know is that I don’t think what he did was right. I think he should have sent me the e-mail and either asked if he should sent it to those people or given me the chance to do that.

What is your opinion?


One Response to “E-mail Etiquette”

  1. Hello I was just roaming blogs when i stumbled on this gem. I find myself with out an answer to your question. It’s really not a matter of etiquette, it’s a matter of how your other friends took it. I yell no harm no foul Look’s likes the dork satement (ya dork lol)was ment to be playfull and it’s nice to see someone take time out of there life to help educate on the hoax’s e mail floating around. This is just my2cent’s.

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