Dear Stupid Landlord:

Okay if you really expect me to pay my rent this month you are crazy. You haven’t fixed any of the problems in the house in the last month. I have a big hole in my back yard with shit and TP in it because you won’t either A) call a plumber or B) fix it yourself. Also if you think you going to evict us without a fight you are wrong. I made some phone calls yesterday and you are going to regret the day you fucked with me. I don’t get angry easily but you finally did get me angry. Oh and refusing to leave the house after I asked you too was also a bad idea on your part. Oh and acting like a school boy, getting giddy when I called the cops becasue you thought you were going to win and get us arrested makes me laugh. You have no right to refuse to leave even if we don’t pay our rent. You have to evict us and when you try I will have a complaint filed with the DEQ, the Health Department, and some other places along with pictures of how nasty the hole in my backyard really is.

You know I have two kids to take care of. Yeah I really don’t want to be living at you shit hole house but $300 a month is all I can afford right now because my husband just started working again. Give us like a month and we will be out of your fucking nasty ass house. Have fun evicting us. We will win this thing and you will regret ever fucking with me and my family.



One Response to “Dear Stupid Landlord:”

  1. Hi Audrea,
    Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog. It makes me happy that people enjoy it. 🙂

    Good luck with your landlord situation!!

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