Blogger Tag Can Get Interesting

Go to your archives… find the 23rd post then find the fifth sentence. Here’s mine:

He has to fill out the necessary new hire paperwork and seems that he is left handed that should be interesting.

This was the fourth sentence because this post was only four sentences long. It was an update on my husbands fingers.

Okay so now I’m going to tag two people, Meghann,

Diana and Glitter (if he ever starts his blog.)

Now you must also tag 5 people. Have fun everyone. Okay yes I know I didn’t tag 5 people but I don’t know five people who have a blog or if they do have one I don’t know about it. So there HA HA HA.


One Response to “Blogger Tag Can Get Interesting”

  1. you can’t tag me. i already did it. so there!

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