My New Neopet

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Okay I think I officialy have WAY to much time at work. I was given the idea of “adopting” a neopet so I did. She is a kougra and I named her holy1999cow. This is going to get interesting.


3 Responses to “My New Neopet”

  1. I told you it was going to be addictive……..but you never listen. *SIGH*… think she would learn.

  2. Oh, and one other thing…….Can you please explain how this happened???????

    65% Austin
    60% Denver
    60% San Diego
    55% Honolulu
    50% Atlanta

    Austin, before Denver……Austin….Austin…….that is in Texas…..TEXAS!!!!! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME????


  3. Oh thanks hun your so nice to me. You are in the same boat. Yes Austin, I don’t know why but yes Austin. I think its on there just to taunt you BWA HA HA HA

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