My husband is an even bigger Dumb Ass

Okay we all know that my husband is a dumb ass after the incident on Sunday. If not the story is below. Well he has now become an even bigger dumb ass.

He was given lortab for the pain. Well if any of you have ever taken lortab you have got to eat while taking it or it will make you sick. Well my lovely husband has been taking the lortab for almost 4 days and eating only twice a day (if I’m lucky.) Well Wednesday he says he has a headache and doesn’t feel very good. So I suggest that he go a lay down and I go to bed. A few minutes later he comes in and lays down and takes a nap. Well the kids get home around 3:30 and I get up to start dinner. He stays in bed for a while longer so I go in and check on him. I found that he had gotten up but was in the bathroom praising the porcelain gods. He had ended up with a migraine. I tell him that we should go to ER to get him a shot to get rid of the migraine. He pretty much refuses. He asks me to call the Dr and see what they suggests. I call the Dr and they tell me to take him to the ER and get him a shot. HMMMM…..Doesn’t that sound like what I told him to do. Again he refuses to go. I think he didn’t want to ruin our night, the kids and I were planning on going to a baseball game. Okay I can understand not wanting to go the ER twice in one week but if you sick your sick. If you Dr. tells you to go you go. Good greif I think I have another kid in my house. Though I will give him some credit. He is taking being picked on by everyone very well. He has even started to make fun of himself.


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