I Love my Husband but He is a DUMB ASS

Okay let me start by saying that I love my husband very much but this weekend he proved to me once and for all that he is a dumb ass.

This story starts on Sunday afternoon. My kids had a friend stay the night. Around 4:00 he decides that we need to get out of the house and go do something. Seems that we don’t have air conditioning we decide to take the kids friend home and go swimming at her house (they live in a park that has a swimming pool.) We take her home and I visit with her mom, who I work with and have become good friends.

After the kids come back from swimming we load up our lawn mower because the borrowed it and we head home. When we get home we unload the lawn mower and the neighbors are out getting ready to mow there lawn also. While Jason is getting ready to mow the lawn I go inside to get dinner for the kids. Okay somewhere in the 5 to 10 minutes that it took to make a peanut butter sandwich the neighbor asks Jason to help her lower the wheels on there mower. Well being the nice guy he goes to help. Well instead of turning off the mower like he should have he tries to adjust the wheels with it running. Well to make this story a little shorter he looses his balance and puts his hand under the lawn mower to catch. Okay now I’m going to give you one guess to what he did. He come running into the house bleeding and telling me to get into the car because he needs to go the hospital.

Now with that information I bet you have guessed what he did. He managed to get his fingers under the mower where the blade is at. He cut the tips of two of his fingers off. Yes not just cutting them but cutting them off. We get to the ER and they take ex-rays and they tell him that he lost his ring finger at the top knuckle and his middle finger just below the nail. They also give him some really good drugs, wrap up his hand and tell him he needs to go to a orthopedic surgeon within 24 hours. So Monday morning I get up get the kids to school and start making the calls needed to get him into the surgeon with in the 24 hours.

Well we have and HMO for our insurance so we need a referral to go to a “specialist.” I call our primary care provider and they want to see him in there office before they refer him to a orthopedic surgeon. After explaining to them whey he needed to see one they made an appointment.

So we get to the office and they take him back. Take of the yucky bandages and look at what they have to work with. They look him over and the good news he they don’t think he will need surgery unless it gets infected or some other freak thing happens.

So now you can see why I think my husband is a DUMB ASS. Good grief he should know better than that.


3 Responses to “I Love my Husband but He is a DUMB ASS”

  1. Oh my God – not to sound like a bitch, but does that really happen? I am so sorry for the loss of his fingertips! My dad lost an eye in a work accident and has adjusted to it wonderfully..I hope your husband recovers okay.

  2. Unfortunatly yes it does happen but thank you. Knowing him he will recover wonderfully. You can just ask Meghann about all of the stuff that has happened to him. He is lucky to be alive.

  3. He’s a fucking moron is what he is.

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