I am also a copier

10 Random Things About Me

10) I have ADD (Attention Defisite Disorder.)

09) I have one sister and two 1/2 brothers

08) I have two kids. One boy and one girl. The best of both worlds

07) Daises are my favorite flower, but not the white kind.

06) I am really weird but people love that about me for some reason

05) My best friend of all my life lives in Washington, and I haven’t seen her in over four years.

04) I love reading. I found a new great book. It is called Through Violet Eyes and it rocks. Check it out here:

  • Through Violet Eyes
  • 03) I was born in Colorado and I now live in Oklahoma. These are the only two states that I’ve lived in.

    02) I put two baby girls up for adoption

    01) I love the interent because I can meet new people and keep in touch with my family.

    9 Places I Have Visited

    09) Montana


    07) Kansas

    06) Nebraska

    05) California

    04) Las Vegas, NV

    03) Texas

    02) Utah (though that was just the airport)

    01) Several boring places in Colorado

    8 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 30

    08) Go to College

    07) Buy a House

    06) Lose 50 pounds, and get to the weight I was before I had kids.

    05) Go on a cruise.

    04) Get out of debt

    03) Learn to be a better person than I am now

    02) Start saving for my kids college.

    01) Travel to Europe, the Caribbean, all the islands in Hawaii and Australia

    7 Ways To Win My Heart

    07) Make me laugh.

    06) Love me for me; not what I do, or who you think I should be.

    05) Understand who I am. Not the person you think I am

    04) Don’t be afraid to tell me the truth even if it hurts.

    03) Protect me when I am vulnerable.

    02) Hold me when I cry, and just let me cry.

    01) The two L’s: Don’t Lie, don’t leave.

    6 Things I Believe

    06) True love only comes along once. If you find it hold on for dear life.

    05) That we are all connected and effected by Mother Nature, the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon.

    04) Crying is good for the soul.

    03) Parents should love and accept their children no matter what they do.

    02) Your family is the most important thing in your life. Treat it with respect and it will do the same for you. You can never change who your family is.

    01) Strength is inside all of us, we just have to find it.

    5 Things I’m Afraid Of

    05) Being alone.

    04) Dieing Young

    03) Spiders.

    02) My kids growing up and hating me for the things that I’ve done.

    01) Being abandoned by those I care about.

    4 Favorite Things

    04) Friends

    03) Books

    02) Family

    01) Jason my hubby.

    3 Things I Do Everyday

    03) Read a good book. Keeps me sane

    02) Think about how to accomplish my goals in life.

    01) Tell the people I love that I love them on a daily basis.

    2 Things I Am Trying Not To Do

    02) Say things that I don’t mean and that can hurt other people.

    01) Gain more weight that I wish I didn’t have.

    1 Personal Motto

    01) God grant me the serenity to
    accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.


    2 Responses to “I am also a copier”

    1. uhm, i don’t think that you tell daryl that you love him (or at least you better not be!!!)

    2. ooops I’ll fix that. Like I said I am a copier. lol

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