I HATE the new Harry Potter book

I just got done reading the new Harry Potter book and it sucks. Okay well it was a good book but someone dies in the this book that shouldn’t have. Just like in the last one when Sirius died. I can’t believe she did that again!!!!!! GRRRRRRR. I waited for more than 6 months for this book to come out and this is what I get. Oh well I guess it was ment to be and JK Rowling knows what she is doing.


2 Responses to “I HATE the new Harry Potter book”

  1. Hi:)
    Is it true that don’t U like new Harry Potter’s book?? Really?:o
    I can’t read it yet because I am in Japan and new Harry Potter dosen’t come here yet..:(
    I wana read it!!
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  2. I really don’t hate it. It is just frustraiting. I was mad at it when I wrote it

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