I’m back

Okay I just got back from Colorado where I have sprained my ankle. I’m crutches, which my daughters call “sticks.” I was climbing down the mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park got my foot stuck between three rocks and twisted it. It looks all nasty and bruised too. To top it all off that wasn’t the most exciting thing that happened either.

On our way to see my sister we went through Salina, Kansas to Hays, Kansas. Well half way to Hays our van starting making some horrible noises. We stopped in Hays to get gas and decided to get it looked at by the Ford dealership. Well come to find out our transfer case on the transmission was bad. No hope of fixing it. So we make a few phone calls (at the dealerships expense of course) and have my hubby’s parents come and fetch us and tow our now useless van back to Colorado. Well we had made a few other phone calls from the dealership while we were there. One was to my sister telling her we were not going to make it to see her and the other was to my dad and step mom. Well when we got to Greeley, Colorado there was a message from my step mom telling us to call her. I called her then and she said that they had found us a new van. It was a ’95 Nissian Quest and that if we liked it they would sign the papers on it. So needless to say that I now a have a new to me van free of charge. How cool it that!!!! Totally freaked me and my hubby out. For those of you who don’t know my parents that’s totally out of character for them.


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